Cut Comb Honey


2×4 Cut Comb in 16 oz Liquid Honey Jar

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Our Cut Comb Honey is the purest and most natural way to eat our honey.  This honey is as close as you can get to eating honey straight out of the hive!  Cut Comb honey comes in the wax that the bees store it in straight out of the hive.  Along with all of the health benefits of honey, the wax is great for digestive health.  Our Cut Comb Honey is a 2×4 comb section in a 16 oz jar of liquid honey, so you get comb and liquid honey both in one jar.

All of our products are made with our pure, raw, and unfiltered honey produced here in Nashville, TN. Our honey is never heated above the natural temperature of the hive or ultra filtered.  This keeps the honey in its most natural state, leaving all of the healthy enzymes, pollens, and wax in the honey.

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